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Sunday, December 2, 2012


I will work on my new (currently in incubator stage) dive-travel-fun website for 30 hours.

"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever." 
 - Jacques Yves Cousteau

How it went (or rather didn't) 
Remember when I didn’t quite finish the first meditation month, and had to extend it to the next month?  Well, that happened again.  I didn’t have the time.  I didn’t make the time.  I had a lot of work to accomplish.  I didn’t make it a top priority as I should have, etc, etc, excuses o’plenty.  I realistically only worked on it seriously about four hours, making minimal headway.   BUT I did actually GO diving (yay!), and led another great trip of REEF dive volunteers counting fish in the British Virgin Islands, check out the photos.

I mainly simply had a case of trepidation trying to figure out exactly where to start.  The dream board above was done in October, to summarize in a visual nutshell what I want to accomplish with this website that has been floating around in my head for the past four months or so…I want to share the wonder and fun and beauty of diving (and all of the great places to do it) and create an engaging community for sharing these experiences, but I just didn’t seem to have the head space available to get going.  So, here I am at the end of the month with not much to report (are you still reading? thanks!), but serious intentions of getting a lot more done in December, and meeting this thirty hour total goal.  I have started a list of action items to accomplish, I have cleared out time on my calendar each week for working on it, and I actually hired a web strategy consultant (who I am really excited about working with) to help me. 

Oh, and yes I am also doing another challenge for December – it is about NOT doing something rather than doing something, so it shouldn’t take any time at all.  I will report back on this as well at the end of the month.

P.S. If you are here because you clicked through via LACOT or (the generous and thoughtful) Jennifer Miner from the Vacation Gals - thanks for stopping by!  I hope to meet you at the Passports with Purpose event in downtown L.A.  Or to see you around the internet 'hood otherwise sometime soon.

P.P. S. Happy Holidays and all that jazz - I am truly grateful for so much this season, I hope you are as well.

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